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Get Off The Treadmill!

Not knowing when, or where, your next listing will come from is nerve-racking! Living closing-to-closing isn’t fun! Watching other real estate agents consistently produce results while you struggle is disheartening and down-right discouraging! Get off the ‘treadmill of uncertainty’ which threatens your real estate career!

Have You Been Frustrated By?

  • Tirelessly working with ‘tire-kickers’ masquerading as buyers?
  • Paying through-the-nose for ‘low-level’ leads that never convert generated by a 'pay-to-play' lead generation system?
  • Working an unmarketable listing for months that never sells?
  • Endlessly working with buyers who ultimately buy around you?
  • Sitting on ‘Floor-Time’ for hours and hours with no results?
  • Preparing for Listing Presentations that never materialize?
  • Losing listings in your ‘Farm/Target Market’ to another less-knowledgeable agent?
  • Being unprepared to handle common objections from buyers/sellers?
  • Not knowing how to manage the presentation and ‘Close The Sale’?
  • Not having access to proven, results-oriented ‘business-development’ training?

Eliminate the Frustration

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Business-Development Training 'Introductory Offers'

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Amazing Value #1

FREE 90-Minute Training: "Understanding Real Estate From The Perspective of  A Top Producing Agent-Entrepreneur"

Amazing Value #2

FREE Listing Presentation:
"The ‘Upgraded’ Marketing Strategy" Upon Completing the i-FAStTRAC® Training Course

Amazing Value #3

FREE Monthly Coaching:
One Hour ‘Live’/Interactive Group Sessions with Kevin Ahearn in Q&A Format

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What Our Past Students Say

"It is a blessing to have had this training. This training and knowledge will follow me my entire RE career. Thank God for coming in contact with this type of training"

- Bushay McCoy, Agent

"Hey Kevin, we've known each other for a long time and this has got to be your best recorded work ever. I wish all new and/or struggling agents could experience your many years of knowledge and dedication to the industry. Well done, very professional and easy to follow. This is the solid start all real estate agents need to build on. Thank you"

- Rick Markowski, Broker-In-Charge

"The training, additional videos and recommended books to read are exceptional that Kevin Ahearn has provided. As a new realtor, I am grateful for this wisdom and expertise to get me started on a successful and rewarding career."

- Gloria Gebhard, Agent

i-FAStTRACÂŽ Agent BusinessDevelopment Training

Join over 300,000 savvy real estate brokers and agents who have already unlocked the secrets to 'consistent' productivity through our internationally-acclaimed training program. Discover how tens-of-thousands have ascended to the coveted status of ‘Top Producers’ within their offices and market 12 months or less!

This prestigious 36-hour program, celebrated for its excellence with awards, is now at your fingertips 'On-Demand,' accessible 24/7 from any internet-connected location. Delve into 12 meticulously crafted, easily-mastered sessions, each spanning 3 hours. Each session comes complete with interactive-handouts, easily- applied field assignments, and a prestigious Certificate of Completion to solidify your mastery.

Unlock the keys to unparalleled success in the competitive world of real estate with our renowned training program. As you embark on this journey, you'll not only gain invaluable insights and strategies from industry experts but also join a vibrant community of like-minded, highly-productive professionals.

Collaborate, network, and share experiences with peers who are driven by the same passion for excellence. With our comprehensive curriculum and personalized support, you'll not only excel in your current role but also position yourself as a leader in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Don't just dream of success—seize it with our transformative training program.

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'FREE' 90-Minute Training Video

Understanding the Real Estate Business From The Perspective Of A Top Producer

This eye-opening video addresses "why" agents struggle to be consistently productive and how to get off the "real estate treadmill".

  1. The Six (6) Critical Areas of an agent’s business that need daily-focus
  2. Why agents need to see, and accept, themselves as a ‘business within a business’
  3. The multiple roles agents must play in their businesses to be successful
  4. The importance of systematizing and automating their business
  5. The four kinds of money you need to generate and manage

And much, much more...

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