Learn 'How To' Become A Top-Producer  In 12 Months Or Less                                             With i-FAStTRAC®...  Even If You Are...                             'NEW' To Real Estate, 'STRUGGLING' Or 'UNDER-ACHIEVING'!

In this 12-Session 'results-focused' Agent Business-Development Training Program, it's creator, Kevin Ahearn,                                                          an  internationally-recognized/award-winning trainer,  will show you step-by-step 'How To' create the reality of                                      becoming a 'Consistent' Top-Producing  Agent-Entrepreneur... in 12 Months Or Less! 
Each of Kevin's flexibly-designed, stand-alone Sessions are available 'On-Line'/'On-Demand' and can be accessed                                      remotely 24/7 allowing agents to participate in the training at their own pace and on their own schedule !
Each 3-Hour Session comes complete with multiple Videos, an 'Interactive' Handout, production-focused Field Assignments,                    useful  Agent Tools and a short Quiz which validates completion of the SessionVideos can be paused, fast-forwarded and re-wound.
Successful completion of all 12 Sessions earns participants a Certificate Of Completion and the RREM (Residential Real Estate Masters) Designation awarded by the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc.
Join over 300,000 agents and brokers across the United States and Canada who have benefited from Kevin's training and gone on to become 'Consistent' Top-Producers in their respective market areas!


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 Create Your Own Reality!

                All The Tools You Need To Quickly Build                 A Successful And Sustainable Real Estate Business

i-FAStTRAC Will Introduce You To The Keys To 'Consistent' Productivity And Lasting Real Estate Success!

                                     i-FAStTRAC Syllabus

Session #1: Structuring & Growing A Viable Real Estate Business

  • Understanding Real Estate As An Agent-Entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting & Planning Tools & Techniques
  • Daily, Weekly, Quarterly And Annual Planning


Session #2: Effective Time Management
  • 'How To’ Structure An Effective Time Management Plan
  • The Four (4) Kinds Of Time
  • The Four (4) Quadrants of Real Estate Time
  • Time Management Tools & Techniques


Session #3: Part 1: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • Easy/Effective Script Building
  • Warm Canvassing Techniques
  • Promoting And Hosting Open Houses
  • Farming And Target Marketing Strategies
Session #4: Part 2: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOs)
  • ‘How To’ Expedite Just Listed/Just Sold  Promotions


Session #5: Part 3: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work Expired Listings
  • ‘How To’ Build and Grow A 'Referral-Based' Business
Session #6: Appraising, Evaluating, Counseling & Working  With Buyers 
  • Buyer ‘Pre-Screening’
  • Buyer Evaluation & Qualification
  • Buyer Counseling Process
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Tools

Session #7: Part 1: Approaching, Presenting To And Working With Sellers

  • Four (4) Phases Of A Marketing (Listing) Presentation
  • Marketing PresentationPhases 1 & 2


Session #8: Part 2: Approaching, Presenting To And Working  With Sellers

  • Marketing PresentationPhases 3 & 4
  • The Highly Effective/Agent-Personalized ‘Upgraded’ Marketing Strategy (Listing) Presentation
Session #9: Part 3: Approaching, Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • ‘How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy Tools and Techniques
Session #10: Effective Objection Handling Tools & Techniques 
  • Distinguishing Conditions, Stalls and Real Objections
  • Seven (7) Step Technique For Handling Stalls and Real Objections
  • Objection Handling Scripts and Visuals


Session #11: Professional Closing Strategies & Techniques 
  • Distinguishing Trial Closes Versus Final Closes
  • Four (4) Highly Effective/Easily-Mastered ‘Final’ Closes
  • 10 Additional Final Closing Techniques


Session #12: Presenting Offers & Counter-Offers And                                                         Effective Negotiating Strategies & Techniques 
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Negotiate
  • High Risk And Low Risk Negotiation Tactics
  • Highly Effective Problem-Solving Phases



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If You Are A 'NEW', 'STRUGGLING' OR 'UNDER-ACHIEVING' Real Estate Agent...             

          i-FAStTRAC Agent Business-Development Training         Is What You Need!


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In The Next 12 Months You Could…

  • Become A 'Consistent' Top-Producing      Agent-Entrepreneur!
  • Build A Highly Successful And Sustainable 'Referral-Based' Business!
  • Learn The Importance & Value Of Business Systemization And Working As Hard 'ON'  Your Business As 'IN'  Your Business! 
  • i-FAStTRAC Agent Business-Development Training Can Make All The Difference In The Growth  And Direction Of Your Real Estate Career! Don't procrastinate! Sign-up today!  



This Award-Winning 'On Demand'  Agent Business-Development Training Program Offers 12 'Street-Level' 'How To' Sessions...

covering everything from Understanding Real Estate Brokerage As A Top-Producing Agent Entrepreneur...to...          Goal Setting & Time Management...to Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation...to 'How To' Quickly Build A Sustainable 'Referral-Based Business...to 'How To' Locate, Approach And  Work With Sellers & Buyers...to...'How To' Present The Offer, Overcome Objections & Negotiate The 'Close' and... everything in between! Don't procrastinate! Act Now!


Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

I'm Kevin, Kevin Ahearn

I am an internationally-acclaimed/award-winning Real Estate Business-Development Coach/Trainer For Over 35+ Years! 

The Owner /Founder of The Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. in 1986. 

Creator of  the 'Live'/Interactive Training and Coaching System in 2001. 

An award-winning trainer of over 300,000  brokers and agents across the United States and Canada over the last 35+ years!  

The creator of several nationally-acclaimed/award-winning training & coaching programs...most notably FAStTRAC, i-FAStTRAC and most recently the Seven (7) Session i-FAStTRAC Agent Recruiting, Development & Retention Broker Coaching Program for brokers and managers.

Creator of the Agent-Participant Tracking System...APTS... in 2017.

Instrumental in the growth, and overwhelming success, of Six (6) different multi-office real estate companies...the largest of which grew to over 1600 agents and 31 offices!

An award-winning 'Master Trainer' and executive for several National Franchises, including the original Better Homes & Gardens, GMAC Real Estate, ERA and Exit Realty International over the last 35+ years.

Go to Testimonials to see and listen to what highly successful             i-FAStTRAC Graduates write and say about the program!


What Participants Have To Say!

"It is a blessing to have had this training. This training and knowledge will follow me my entire RE career. Thank God for coming in contact with this type of training"
- Bushay McCoy, Agent
"Hey Kevin, we've known each other for a long time and this has got to be your best recorded work ever. I wish all new and/or struggling agents could experience your many years of knowledge and dedication to the industry. Well done, very professional and easy to follow. This is the solid start all real estate agents need to build on. Thank you"
- Rick Markowski, Broker-In-Charge
"The training, additional videos and recommended books to read are exceptional that Kevin Ahearn has provided. As a new realtor, I am grateful for this wisdom and expertise to get me started on a successful and rewarding career."
- Gloria Gebhard, Agent




i-FAStTRAC Subscription Options



1-Year 'Introductory' Subscription


12 monthly payments (Subscription covers 'unlimited participation' by ALL registered agents of the office during Subscription period for one 'FLAT FEE' monthly to the office!). Certificates Of Completion and RREM designations awarded each participant for successful completion!

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SINGLE-AGENT 'Introductory' Subscription

$249/Single Payment

Agent has a full 60 Calendar-Days to complete ALL 12 Sessions. Certificate Of Completion and RREM designation awarded for successful completion!

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               Agent-Personalized 'Upgraded' Marketing (Listing)                       Laptop Or Tablet Presentation 

               When it comes to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, the 'process' is only complete if, and when,                               the agent leaves the presentation with the Seller's autograph on a 'Marketable'/'Saleable' Listing.                      Kevin's professionally-designed, and highly effective, presentation graphically demonstrates what the agent will do to successfully market the property, fully educates the seller, clearly differentiates the agent & the company  and solidly substantiates what the agent charges for their services thus eliminating 'Commission Concessions'!


ONLY $149 (Regularly $349)

'Personalized' With Agent's Picture, Contact Information And Company Logo!


  • Includes 2 Versions: Full and Condensed
  • Full-Version: Novice/First-Time Sellers
  • Condensed-Version: Experienced Sellers
  • 12-Page Detailed/Written Marketing Plan
  • 40-Point Marketing Checklist
  • 35-Point Thur-Close Checklist
  • Easily-Mastered 'Tutorial' (Scripts) For Each Slide! 



'Personalized' With Agent's Picture, Contact Information And Company Logo!

  • Includes 2 Versions: Full and Condensed
  • Full-Version: Novice/First-Time Sellers
  • Condensed-Version: Experienced Sellers
  • 12-Page Detailed/Written Marketing Plan
  • 40-Point Marketing Checklist
  • 35-Point Thur-Close Checklist
  • Easily-Mastered 'Tutorial' (Scripts) For Each Slide!