i-FAStTRACŽ Agent Business Development Training

The most comprehensive, hands-on real estate training program ever created. Join Kevin Ahearn as he takes you through 36 hours of online training in  real estate brokerage. This training is essential for beginners starting their journey into listing and selling real estate. It's also invaluable to under-producing and struggling agents who want to sharpen their skills, and agents who want to learn new and easily-applied techniques to 'consistently' secure more listings and close more transactions, with less struggle and fewer headaches.

Not only do you get 36 hours of instruction,  included with your purchase you also get:

  • 'Personalized' Laptop/Tablet Listing Presentation - $349 Value
  • Monthly 1-hour 'Live'/Interactive Coaching Sessions - $300 Value

 All this for just ONE payment of $247.00

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Session #1: Structuring & Growing A Viable Real Estate Business
  • Understanding Real Estate As An Agent-Entrepreneur  
  • Goal Setting Tools & Techniques
  • Daily, Weekly And Annual Planning
Session #2: Time Management
  • 'How To’ Structure An Effective Time Management Plan  
  • The Four (4) ‘Kinds’ Of Real Estate Time
  • The Four (4) Quadrants of Real Estate Time   
  • Time Management Tools & Techniques
Session #3: Part 1- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • Easy/Effective Script Building
  • Warm Canvassing Techniques
  • Promoting And Hosting Open Houses
  • Farming And Target Marketing Strategies
Session #4: Part 2- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting 
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOs)
  • ‘How To’ Successfully Expedite Just Listed/Just Sold  Promotions
Session #5: Part 3- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work Expired Listings   
  • ‘How To’ Quickly Build and Grow A 'Referral-Based' Business
Session #6: Appraising, Evaluating, Counseling & Working With Buyers
  • Buyer ‘Pre-Screening’ Methods   
  • Buyer Evaluation & Qualification  
  • Buyer Counseling Process 
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Tools
Session #7: Part 1- Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • Four (4) Phases Of A Marketing (Listing) Presentation
  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 1 & 2
Session #8: Part 2- Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 3 & 4
  • The Highly Effective ‘Upgraded’ Marketing Strategy Laptop/Tablet (Listing) Presentation
Session #9: Part 3- Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • ‘How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy Tools and Techniques
Session #10: Effective Objection Handling
  • Distinguishing Conditions, Stalls and Real Objections
  • Seven (7) Step Technique For Handling Stalls and Real Objections
  • Objection Handling Scripts and Visuals
Session #11: Professional Closing Strategies & Techniques
  • Distinguishing ‘Trial’ Closes Versus ‘Final’ Closes
  • Four (4) Highly Effective/Easily-Mastered ‘Final’ Closes
  • 10 Additional ‘Final’ Closing Techniques
Session #12: Presenting Offers and Effective Negotiating Techniques
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Present The Offer
  • High Risk And Low Risk Negotiation Tactics
  • Highly Effective Problem-Solving Phases
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