1-Year 'Introductory' Subscription of Just $347/Month

12 monthly Subscription payments with 'unlimited participation' by ALL registered agents of the office during theSubscription¬†period! Everyone in your office can take advantage of the i-FAStTRAC¬ģ¬†Agent Business-Development¬†Training for¬†ONE LOW, MONTHLY FEE.¬†No hidden charges.

Certificates Of Completion and RREM designations awarded to each participant for successful completion of the training!

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Subscription $247/Single Payment

Agent has a full 60-calendar days¬†to complete ALL¬†12¬†Sessions of the¬†i-FAStTRAC¬ģ¬†Agent Business-Development Program

Certificate Of Completion
 and RREM designation awarded for successful completion of the program!

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'Personalized' Home Marketing 'Upgrade' Strategy Laptop/Tablet Listing Presentation 

This professionally-designed, and highly-effective, Marketing (Listing) Presentation graphically demonstrates in detail what the agent & company will do to successfully market and sell the property.

  • Demonstrates Agent and Company competency
  • Educates the seller as to what is needed and why
  • Clearly differentiates the agent & company from the competition
  • Solidly substantiates the value of what the agent charges for their services thus eliminating the need for ‚Äėcommission concessions‚Äô

The concept behind offering the seller an ‚ÄėUpgraded‚Äô marketing strategy is covered in detail in the i-FAStTRAC¬ģ program!

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When it comes to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, the 'process' is only complete if, and when,  the agent leaves the presentation with the Seller's autograph on a 'Marketable'/'Saleable' Listing.

What you'll get:

  • Includes¬†2 Versions:¬†Full¬†and¬†Condensed

  • Full-Version:¬†Novice/First-Time¬†Sellers

  • Condensed-Version: Experienced Sellers

  • 12-Page¬†Detailed/Written¬†Marketing Plan

  • 40-Point¬†Marketing Checklist

  • 35-Point¬†Thur-Close Checklist

  • Easily-Mastered¬†'Tutorial' (Scripts)¬†For Each Slide!

This professionally-designed and highly effective Listing Presentation Tool is 'personalized' with your picture, name, contact information & company logo.¬†Combined with what you will learn in i-FAStTRAC¬ģ, it virtually assures you will¬†walkout of the presentation with a marketable listing!

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