All The Tools, Techniques, And Strategies                            Agents Need To Quickly Become         'Consistent' Top-Producing Agent-Entrepreneurs!

Target Audience: New, 'Struggling' And Underachieving Agents


     Sessions Were Designed To Be 'Independent' Of Each Other                               And Can Be Taken 'Out of' Or 'In' Sequence'...                         Giving Agents Maximum Participation-Flexibility! 


Session #1: Structuring & Growing A Viable Real Estate Business

  • Understanding Real Estate As An Agent-Entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting Tools & Techniques
  • Daily, Weekly And Annual Planning


Session #2: Time Management
  • 'How To’ Structure An Effective Time Management Plan
  • The Four (4) Kinds Of Time
  • The Four (4) Quadrants of Real Estate Time
  • Time Management Tools & Techniques


Session #3: Part 1- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • Easy/Effective Script Building
  • Warm Canvassing Techniques
  • Promoting And Hosting Open Houses
  • Farming And Target Marketing Strategies
Session #4: Part 2Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBOs)
  • ‘How To’ Expedite Just Listed/Just Sold  Promotions


Session #5: Part 3Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting
  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work Expired Listings
  • ‘How To’ Build and Grow A 'Referral-Based' Business
Session #6: Appraising, Evaluating, Counseling & Working With Buyers 
  • Buyer ‘Pre-Screening’
  • Buyer Evaluation & Qualification
  • Buyer Counseling Process
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Tools


Session #7: Part 1- Presenting To And Working With Sellers

  • Four (4) Phases Of A Marketing (Listing) Presentation
  • Marketing PresentationPhases 1 & 2


 Session #8: Part 2- Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • Marketing PresentationPhases 3 & 4
  • The Highly Effective ‘Upgraded’ Marketing Strategy (Listing) Presentation
Session #9: Part 3- Presenting To And Working With Sellers
  • ‘How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy Tools and Techniques
Session #10: Effective Objection Handling 
  • Distinguishing Conditions, Stalls and Real Objections
  • Seven (7) Step Technique For Handling Stalls and Real Objections
  • Objection Handling Scripts and Visuals


Session #11: Professional Closing Strategies & Techniques 
  • Distinguishing Trial Closes Versus Final Closes
  • Four (4) Highly Effective/Easily-Mastered ‘Final’ Closes
  • 10 Additional Final Closing Techniques


Session #12: Presenting Offers and Effective Negotiating Techniques 
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Negotiate
  • High Risk And Low Risk Negotiation Tactics
  • Highly Effective Problem-Solving Phases
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