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The Agent-Personalized 'Upgraded' Marketing Strategy Listing Presentation...                                                           

A 'Multi-Faceted' Listing Tool That Visually...  


  • Demonstrates What You'll Do To Successfully Market & Sell The Property
  • Educates The Sellers As To All That's Involved
  • Differentiates You & Your Company From The Competition
  • Substantiates The Value Of Your Services And The Fees You Charge 

More About The 'Multi-Facted'

Agent-Personalized 'Upgraded' Marketing Strategy Listing Presentation


It Includes:


  •                                (2) Versions Of The Presentation: 'Full'  & 'Condensed' Version                                 Both Versions Are Compatible With Most Laptops And Tablets
  • Agent-Personalization: Picture, Name, Contact Information And Company Name & Logo
  • Detailed/Written 12-Page Marketing Strategy For The Property Written In Layman's Langage
  • 40-Point Marketing Checklist
  • 35-Point Contract-Thru-Close Checklist
  • Easily-Mastered 'Tutorial' (Scripts) For Each Slide!
  • Access To Easily-Mastered 90-Minute 'Training Video'
  • Bi-Level Pricing Plan For: i-FAStTRAC Participants vs. Non-Participants  


Agent-Personalized 'Upgraded' Marketing Strategy Listing Presentation


i-FAStTRAC Particpant


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Agent-Personalized 'Upgraded' Marketing Strategy Listing Presentation


 Non- i-FAStTRAC Participant


After completing i-FAStTRAC…

  • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: fine-tune your goals, plans and strategies based upon what you learned in the program!
  • BE PROACTIVE: especially when it come to prospecting and lead generation!
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR DAILY & WEEKLY ACTIVITIES: make sure they are aligned with your annual goals and expectations
  • THINK WIN-WIN: when working with clients, customers, co-op agents and your broker make sure all outcomes are mutually beneficial and mutually satisfying! Remember: anything other than Win-Win ultimately descends to Lose-Lose!
  • ELEVATE YOUR LEVEL OF LISTENING: seek first to understand in order to be better understood!
  • SEEK SYNERGY: practice creative cooperation! Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts! Remember: real estate brokerage is an interdependent-business! 
  • CONTINUALLY SHARPEN THE SAW: i-FAStTRAC is just the beginning of your on-going multi-dimensional personal renewal which includes mental, physical, social and spiritual development. Ramp-up your informal education ! 'Miss a meal...but never miss a good book'!
  • RUN 'YOUR' BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS: Systematize and automate your business! Learn to work smarter rather than harder by investing in today's technology!
  • HOLD YOURSELF 'PERSONALLY' ACCOUNTABLE: after's 'your' business!



What Our Clients Have To Say


I have it on my iPad and went to a listing presentation yesterday. Did the whole thing. Clients loved it! They really got into it, asked lots of questions, got ooos and ahhhs. They realized the importance of good pricing by the time I was done. We will list their house in April after they return from Boca Raton.
It is slick, cool, and convincing. What more could I want? WOOHOO!"

- Gloria                                                                                         Gloria Jackson, ABR, Broker
Licensed in VA, MD, DC



"The Clients. over 70, a wealthy engineer, business owner and homeowner, both raved about our proposal.  They told us that in their 40 years of buying and selling homes they had heard nothing as through and professional as our presentation.  We were rewarded with a new listing of 1.9 million.  From then on we use some version of Kevin's presentation for most clients.  Thank you!"


- Mike and Diane Grannun,                                                                  Sales Associates                                                                   Massapequa , NY