Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation The Keys To ‘Consistent’ Productivity ifasttrac ifasttracrealestatetraining kevinahearnrealestatetrainer newrealestateagenttraining realestateagenttraining realestatetraining strugglingagenttraining strugglingrealestateagenttraining underproducingrealestateagenttraining Feb 12, 2024

For most  real estate agents, but certainly NOT ALL, ‘productivity’ is a ‘moving-target’.  It seems to be either ‘feast’ or ‘famine’!  Why  is that?  We can legitimately blame it on certain recurring/un...

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‘Struggling’ Agent? agentbusinessdevelopmenttraining ifasttrac kevinahearnrealestatetrainer newagenttraining realestatetraining strugglingagenttraining Jan 22, 2024

Are you a real estate agent relatively ‘new’ to the business, or perhaps an agent whose been in the business for a while, but in either case, find yourself  ‘struggling’ to be consistently productive?

I’ve got good news for you…you’re not alone?


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Author:  Kevin C. Ahearn


I am an internationally-acclaimed/award-winning Real Estate Business-Development Coach/Trainer For Over 35+ Years! 

The Owner /Founder of The Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. in 1986. 

Creator of  the 'Live'/Interactive Training and Coaching System in 2001. 

An award-winning trainer of over 300,000  brokers and agents across the United States and Canada over the last 35+ years!  

The creator of several nationally-acclaimed/award-winning training & coaching programs...most notably FAStTRAC, i-FAStTRAC and most recently the Seven (7) Session i-FAStTRAC Agent Recruiting, Development & Retention Broker Coaching Program for brokers and managers.

Creator of the Agent-Participant Tracking System...APTS... in 2017.

Instrumental in the growth, and overwhelming success, of Six (6) different multi-office real estate companies...the largest of which grew to over 1600 agents and 31 offices!

An award-winning 'Master Trainer' and executive for several National Franchises, including the original Better Homes & Gardens, GMAC Real Estate, ERA and Exit Realty International over the last 35+ years.