‘Struggling’ Agent?

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Kevin Ahearn: iFAStTRAC Real Estate Trainer

Are you a real estate agent relatively ‘new’ to the business, or perhaps an agent whose been in the business for a while, but in either case, find yourself  ‘struggling’ to be consistently productive?

I’ve got good news for you…you’re not alone?

Each year tens-of-thousands of real estate agents like yourself  ‘struggle’ to be consistently productive and ask themselves, over and over again, ‘What am I doing wrong’?

What these agents are doing wrong is entering, and conducting, real estate based on a set of     FALSE ASSUMPTIONS.                                                                       

FALSE ASSUMPTION #1: I need to join a real estate company with high ‘local market-recognition’ to ensure my chances of success.  FALSE: It’s YOUR ‘local market-recognition’ that really matters…and that’s under YOUR control… provided you are have a vision, are proactive, set goals, plan, prioritize and execute your plan!                                                                                               

FALSE ASSUMPTION #2: I work FOR the broker! FALSE: You work WITH the broker…you work FOR yourself!  You are a ‘business within a business’! You have a choice! You can remain a ‘struggling’ agent-employee or become a consistently   productive agent-entrepreneur. Run your real estate business like a business!

FALSE ASSUMPTION #3: I need to join a large ‘Franchise-Affiliated’ company because my chances of success increase dramatically as a result of all the ‘bells and whistles’ they have to offer!  FALSE: As a ‘Newbie’, or as a ‘struggling’ agent,  you’re likely to get ‘lost in the shuffle’ in a large company! It’s more about how, and how often, you ‘use’ those ‘bells & whistles’ AND how well trained you are to do so! Without agent business-development training, you’re likely to become a statistic!

FALSE ASSUMPTION #4: If I understand the ‘technical work’ of the business…marketing, sales and customer service…I understand the business and, therefore, I’m destined to be successful!  FALSE: As an agent-entrepreneur, you need to know more than just the ‘technical work’ of the business! You need to know your multiple roles, the scope of your responsibilities and the critical areas of your business that need to be attended to on a daily basis.

Until you begin to look at real estate through the eyes of a Top Producing Agent-Entrepreneur you will continue to ‘struggle’ and remain an agent-employee! Commit to transition from agent-employee to agent-entrepreneur one step at a time!

Adjust your perspective and approach to real estate and you’ll quickly discover the keys to consistent productivity.

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Adjust your perspective and approach to real estate and you’ll quickly discover the keys to consistent productivity.


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