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Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation The Keys To ‘Consistent’ Productivity

For most  real estate agents, but certainly NOT ALL, ‘productivity’ is a ‘moving-target’.  It seems to be either ‘feast’ or ‘famine’!  Why  is that?  We can legitimately blame it on certain recurring/uncontrollable’ factors  like: seasonality, economic fluctuations & changes in the financial markets (prime rate, interest  rates, mortgage rates  etc.).

Yet, these ‘fluctuations’ DON’T seem to impact the ‘productivity’ of the Top Producing  Agent-Entrepreneurs nearly as much…if at all! Their ‘productivity’ seems to remain consistent while the ‘productivity’ of most agents is negatively impacted. Why? 

While there are numerous, legitimate explanations ‘why’ this happens… 35+ years of training over 300,000 real estate agents across the United States and Canada points to one explanation in particular: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting & Lead Generation…OR a lack thereof!

Top Producing Agent-Entrepreneurs, who universally value the expenditure of their time, understand the importance of prioritization! It allows them, if they choose, to work fewer hours and truly work smarter rather than harder! Prioritization’ is a ‘game-changer’ for Top Producers! Add proactivity to prioritization and you're looking at the DNA  of ‘the best of the best’!

When it comes to ‘Prospecting & Lead Generation’, Top Producing Agent-Entrepreneurs understand they are in the Lead Generation Business’! They further understand that prospecting is ‘the single most important activity’ an agent needs to undertake every day they go to work…so 'the big dogs' do it consistently! There lies the main ‘key’ to ‘consistent’ productivity!

Top Producing Agent-Entrepreneurs recognize there are two (2) types of ‘Prospecting’: reactive and proactive and, to a person, they emphasize the later... focused, primarily, on securing Seller Leads’! Their goal… to produce an ‘abundance’ of self-generated ‘organic’  Seller Leads the most valuable kind of Leads. The ‘proactive’ part of their DNA does NOT allow them to create a ‘dependency’ on things they don’t own or don’t control… like ‘pay-to-play’ Lead Generation Systems and 'Floor-Time'!

In summary…consistent productivity isn’t something that happens by accident!  It’s the by-product of consistent’prioritization, proactivity, and 'focused' prospecting & lead generation Consistent productivity isn’trocket science’…but it does demand: understanding, discipline, commitment as introduced and explained in On-DemandBusiness-Development Training  like:

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