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8 ‘Outside-The-Box’ Ways To More Successfully Work For-Sale-By-Owners

#1. Visit Them…Don’t Call Them! Most of your competitors will do just the opposite! ‘To do better…simply do different’! Forget the ‘Call Nights! Save the pizza money!

#2. Go Naked! No! No! Don’t take-off your clothes! When you visit them only show-up with your award-winning smile, your vibrant-personality, your gift of gab and, of course, you business-card! Save all your personal & company ‘promotional material’ for your next visit… if there is one!

#3. On First Visit...Determine Their Level-Of-Motivation’! If they’re NOT really motivated to sell… hug them, kiss them on the cheek (especially if they’re good-looking) and wish them a nice life! Remember: your job isn’t to motivate them… your job is to: find (and work with) the motivated! Should I go back a couple of weeks down-the-road if they’re NOT really motivate to see if their motivation has changed? Only if they’re really, really good-looking! How do I determine their Level-OfMotivation’? Begin with their ‘asking price’ for starters! If THEIR price is ‘way out of whack’  they’re NOT as motivated as you need them to be!

#4. Pursue FSBOs in your Farm-Area(s) First! Then, if time permits, pursue FSBOs in your 'Feeder-Markets' followed by those in your Target-Market Areain that order! Forget all the others… especially when you first start working FSBOs…the right way!

#5. If they’re 'Highly Motivated'VISIT THEM AGAIN ...Within 48-Hours! For god’s sake DON’T leave them ‘Unattended’ for weeks-on-end! There are over 300,000 agents out there who have been trained ‘the right-way’ (by me) who might be pursuing that FSBO! Keep the communication lines open!

#6. On ‘Follow-upVisits… Offer ‘Items-Of-Value’: i.e. merchandising tips, staging tips, Competitive Market Analysis, willingness to host an Open House, moving tips, assistance with purchasing their 'replacement property' etc. Be sure to add them ASAP to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. Don’t have one?…GET ONE… ASAP!

#7. Commit to Working FSBOs (at Least) Once-A-Week!   Why not Fridays? From now on… think of it as FSBO FRIDAY’! Devote (at least) 3-4 hours to exclusively-working FSBOs!

#8. Keep Your ‘Energy-Level’ High…and Your ‘Expectation-Level’ Under-Control! Be patient! Typically, there is a 5-8 week FSBO Maturation-Cycle for most ‘motivated’ FSBOS. Be empathic (not pathetic!)… most FSBOs are trying to save thousands of dollars in equity!  Allow them to experience the ‘Real-World’ of real estate! Remember: Don’t lose contact with the Motivated FSBOs’! Create a detailed, written FSBO Follow-up Strategy’... and stick to it!

Recommended Reading: Value-Added Selling…by Tom Reilly

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