The i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training is a 24 Session Program  divided into 2 Programs-i-FAStTRAC 101 - ‘Traditional’  Training  12 Sessions  and i-FAStTRAC 201 - ‘Non-Traditional’ Training  12 Sessions
i-FAStTRAC® 2020 Program

Details and Syllabus

Download a PDF of our complete Course Syllabus


i-FAStTRAC® 101 

Target Audience New, Aspiring, and Underachieving Agents.

Kevin Ahearn

Session#1: Kevin: Structuring & Growing A Viable Real Estate Business

  • Understanding Real Estate As An
  • Goal Setting Tools & Techniques
  • Daily, Weekly and Annual Planning

Session#2 Kevin: Time Management

  • How To’ Structure An Effective Time Management Plan
  • The Four ‘Kinds’ Of Time
  • The Four (4) Quadrants of Real Estate Time
  • Time Management Tools & Techniques

Session#3 Kevin: Part 1- Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

  • Easy/Effective Script Building
  • Warm Canvassing Techniques
  • Promoting and Hosting Open Houses
  • Farming and Target Marketing Strategies

Session#4 Kevin: Part 2-
Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work For Sale By Owners (FSBOs)
  • ‘How To’ Expedite Just Listed/Just Sold  Promotions


Session#5 Kevin: Part 3-
Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

  • ‘How To’ Effectively Work Expired Listings
  • ‘How To’ Build and Grow A Referral-Based  Business

Session#6 Kevin: Working With Buyers

  • Buyer ‘Pre-Screening’
  • Buyer Evaluation and Qualification
  • Buyer Counseling Process
  • Buyer Counseling Session
  • Buyer Tools

Session#7 Kevin:
Part 1-Working With Sellers

  • Four (4) Phases Of A Marketing (Listing)  Presentation
  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 1 and 2


Session#8 Kevin: 
Part 2-Working With Sellers

  • Marketing Presentation: Phases 3 and 4
  • The Highly Effective ‘Upgrade’ Marketing
    (Listing) Presentation

Session#9 Kevin:
Part 3-
Working With Sellers

  • ‘How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategies Tools and Techniques

Session#10 Kevin: Objection Handling

  • Distinguishing Conditions, Stalls and Real Objections
  • Seven (7) Step Techniques For Handling Stalls and
           Real Objections
  • Objection Handling Scripts and Visuals

Session#11 Kevin: Professional Closing Strategies & Techniques

  • Distinguishing ‘Trial’ Closes Versus Final’ Closes
  • Four (4) Highly Effective/Easily Mastered  ‘Final’ Closes
  • 10 Additional ‘Final’ Closing Techniques

Session#12 Kevin: Presenting Offers and Effective Negotiating

  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Present The Offer
  • ‘How To’ Prepare To Negotiate
  • High Risk And Low Risk Negotiation Tactics
  • Highly Effective Problem-Solving Phases

                                                    i-FAStTRAC® 201


                       Target Audience i-FAStTRAC 101 Graduates, Mid-Level Producers, and Top Producing Agents.

                                       Key Yessaad

Session#1 Key: The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing in Real Estate

Session#7 Key:  Landing Pages for Lead Conversion and Local Markets

  • Understanding Inbound Marketing and The Internet;
  • The Psychology of Buyers and Sellers when using
          Search Engines;
  • How to Build an Internet Profile Signature

Session#2 Key: Web Crawlers, Indexing, and The Role of Search Marketing

  • Understanding the Language of the Internet– HTML;
  • What is the Role of Internet Spiders in
         Crawling the Web?
  • How to extract Keywords for your Real Estate Website?
  • What are the Fundamentals of Search Engine
         Optimization (SEO)?

Session#3 Key: Internet Marketing Bio, Visibility, and Inbound Validation

  • How do you build your name and expertise online?
  • What are the main ingredients of a Proper
         Internet Bio?
  • What are the Channels of Visibility and

Session#4 Key:  Real Estate Web Platforms, Tools, and Web Marketing

  • What are the various types of Website
         Platforms for Real Estate?
  • What are the ingredients of Hands’ On
  • How to use Lead Generation Websites?
  • How do you put together proper Hyperlinks
         using anchor text?

Session#5 Key:  Lead Management Systems & Successful Leads Conversion

  • How do Lead Management Systems (LMS)
  • How do Lead Management Websites utilize
         PPC Campaigns?
  • What are the Habits. Scripts, and Follow Up
         Systems to convert Leads?

Session#6 Key:   Email Marketing, Email Scripts, and Weekly Success Habits

  • How do you Build a proper Database of Real
         Estate Clients?
  • What the Proper Emails and the Frequency
         that create the highest conversion?
  • How do you build Weekly Success Habits as
         an Entrepreneur?
  • What are the proper Landing Pages in Real
         Estate Websites?
  • What makes a Webpage on the internet
  • How do you carve a Local Market with
         proper Navigation?

Session#8 Key: Real Estate Blogging for Long Term SEO Visibility

  • What is Blog Marketing and How can agents
         use it properly?
  • How do blogs affect SEO and Keywords
  • What are the Topics and steps to blogging for
         Real Estate Agents?
  • What are Blog Tags, Categories, and How to
         use them properly?

Session#9 Key: Direct Response Marketing & Real Estate Internet Farming

  • How to Integrate your Postcards, Newsletters,
         Mailers with Web Pages?
  • What are the Good Hooks that lead to
  • What are Squeeze Pages and How to build
         them to Generate Leads?

Session#10 Key: Social Media Postings for Lead Generation and Validation

  • What is the proper mindset to engage future
         clients on Social Media?
  • What are the post habits that Agents need to
  • How do agents mix and match the various
         Social Platforms?
  • How do agents become Business Strategists
         not just order-takers?

Session#11 Key: Real Estate Video Marketing and Narration Visualization

  • How to embrace Video Marketing by
         learning the fundamentals?
  • Best Video Topics and Platforms to use in
         Real Estate?
  • How to extract and embed Videos within
         your Web Pages?

Session#12 Key: Build Your Own Real Estate Lead Generation System

  • What are Pay per Clicks Campaigns and
         how to start one?
  • How to create Ads, select keywords, and
         the proper Landing Pages?
  • What Budget, frequency, and locations
         should agents and brokers target?