i-FAStTRAC 201 Session #10 Videos with Key Yessaad

Social Media Postings, Marketing, and Engagement in the Real Estate Business

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The Fundamentals of Social Media Platforms and Postings

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Before we delve into the Habits and needed work on Social Media we must establish the proper mindset for what is Social Media? It has nothing to do with Search Marketing since all Social Media Platforms block spiders from finding content. Let’s look at the most important platforms and learn those that are crawl-able and those that are Closed Networks. Social Media Marketing in Real Estate is NOT about Selling, it is about Engagement, Education, and Relationship Building.

iF201 Session #10 - Video 2 of 3:

The Habits, The Posts, and the Real Estate Topics for Social Media

What are the best topics and Posts that Real Estate Professionals should focus on Social Media? How would you approach LinkedIn differently than Facebook and Instagram? What role does Twitter Play in Real Estate? And most importantly why is that using Posting Systems always changes the URL you share with one of their own URLs? We will also learn how to take our own Blog Posts and share them organically on Social Media Platforms; plus show you how to grow your Network.

iF201 Session #10 - Video 3 of 3:
Your Real Estate Marketing Vision, Planning, and Long Term Success
A Real Estate Career without a proper Business Plan is a Career without a Soul. In this session I will tackle how an agent can start putting the building blocks of a proper Business Plan; one that is fully integrated with a Strategic Marketing Plan, both Inbound and Outbound. I will focus you on a simple exercise that most agents fail to master which is the practicing of an Elevator Speech, and finally how to approach your Business like a Strategist who is grounded with knowledge of confidence.
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