i-FAStTRAC 101 Session #8 with Kevin Ahearn

Presentation Power: Phase 3 & 4 Marketing (Listing) Presentation

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Part 1: Presentation Power Marketing (Listing) Presentation: Phase 3: Demonstration Phase. Part 1: Demonstrate & Educate Why should I list with you and your company? Why should I pay you so much when the other agent will list the property for less? In this session, Kevin interactively addresses the answers to these seller questions by stressing the importance of clearly demonstrating what the agent intends to do to successfully market the property; by showing the agent 'How to' educate the seller; by outlining how the agent can differentiate themselves from the competition; and by explaining the importance of substantiating the agent's value to the marketing process.


iF101 Session #8 - Video 2 of 2:

Part 2: Presentation Power Marketing Demonstration Phase. Part 2: Differentiate & Substantiate Phase 4: Closing Phase. It has been said that closing is a 'process' not an isolated/disconnected event! When it comes to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, the 'process' is only complete if, and when, the agent leaves the presentation with the seller's autograph on a 'marketable' listing. In this live/interactive session, Kevin outlines a step-by-step process for getting a 'marketable' listing every time.

Support Video: Overview: My 'Upgraded' Marketing Strategy Listing Presentation
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