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iF101 On-Demand - Session #1:

Understanding The Real Estate Business and Goal Setting

iF101 On-Demand - Session #2:

Effective Time Management for Real Estate Success

iF101 On-Demand - Session #3:

Prospecting & Lead Generation Funnel / Warm Canvassing / Open Houses and Target Marketing & Farming

iF101 On-Demand - Session #5:

Expired Listings and 'How To Build A Long-Term Referral-Based Business

iF101 On-Demand - Session #7:

Presentation Power Marketing (Listing) Presentation Parts 1 & 2

iF101 On-Demand - Session #9:

Power Pricing: 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy

iF101 On-Demand - Session #11:

Closing Power
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Please Read the following Bullet Points in order to take full advantage of the Program:

  • Each Session will consist of several Videos and 1 or more Handouts – it is best to first download the Handout before starting to play the videos;
  • The passwords for the Handouts and for accessing the Videos are the same, and will be given to you by our staff;
  • You will get more benefit from each video if you choose to perform the assignments recommended by our trainers;
  • At the end of each Session you will see a link to a Quiz – it is a way for you to affirm that you have attended the class.

iF101 On-Demand - Session #4:

For-Sale-By-Owners and 'Integrated' Just Listed / Just Sold Promotions

iF101 On-Demand - Session #6:

Buyer Pre-Screening, Evaluation, Qualification, and Counseling

iF101 On-Demand - Session #8:

Presentation Power Marketing (Listing) Presentation Parts 3 & 4

iF101 On-Demand - Session #10:

Objection Handling Power

iF101 On-Demand - Session #12:

Presenting The Offer And Negotiation Power
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